Bear was an Alaskan Husky racing dog. At age 7 Bear and his teammates were left chained up in upstate NY as the owners lost interest in racing the dogs. Lucky that all 16 dogs were found and taken care of. All the dogs found forever homes and I drove 6 hours and brought my Bear dog home. I have rescued dogs for over 50 years but Bear was my entire heart and soul. My constant companion he went everywhere with me. Bear was a large dog and rode shotgun. Bear was a quiet dog but howled if anyone came near his seat or if I had to leave him, also when he heard me coming home from work. After almost 6 years I lost Bear to cancer. The last year i spent cooking his favorite foods and hand feeding him. I finally had to say good bye to my best friend ever. That was 2 years ago and I sill miss him every single day. The love and trust between animals and their humans is so special and comparable to no other feelings. Always look for that special animal and ADOPT. I found by sole mate and the most love ever with my Bear.

Polly Ann