Best Rescue Pals

Mr. Troubles was a semi-feral neighborhood kitten I caught and got neutered. He ended up being my $1000 cat with hip surgery. About six months later Belle showed up in my yard 7+ weeks pregnant. 11 days later she delivered 12 puppies, 11 of whom survived. 8 weeks later all of the puppies were rehomed and Belle seemed to gravitate toward the cats....she picked Mr. Troubles as he had picked her. They've been best buds for the past 5 years. Belle has since also adopted 3 more semi-feral rescues who seem to know she's there to hang with them when she's outside. She's also adopted another young male tuxedo cat name The Zoid who follows her everywhere she goes and she actually plays with him. I get a little concerned since she weighs 58 pounds and he weighs 6 but it's all good for them and she's never hurt any of them even by accident.

Vicki Perizzolo
Riverside, CA