Black Cat Love

I moved to Okinawa, Japan in 2011 with my husband, who is an Air Force staff sergeant. We started our married life in a foreign country! I'd always known I was an animal lover, but I didn't realize how much until we got to Japan. I lasted for less than a week before I broke down crying to my husband, saying "I miss having something furry to love." Being the awesome man he is, he took me to the animal shelter the very next day. One look at the two black 3.5 month old kittens putting their paws out towards me to beg for attention and I was in love. I couldn't NOT get both, now, could I? I named them Damon and Stefan, and they are the most loving boys imaginable. Later that year I began working at the animal shelter, where I came across ANOTHER black kitten. She was so sweet and talkative, I knew I had to have her! My poor husband gave in, and we took her home with us. Unfortunately she contracted an upper respiratory infection soon afterwards, but I refused to get discouraged. Today Katherine is fully healthy and a total lovebug. In June of the next year yet another black cat caught my eye when she entered our shelter with a bad bite wound. We nursed her back to health and she proved to be a wonderful 1.5 year old cat. But no one wanted her! Over the next year and a half the two of us developed a special bond until finally management (and my long-suffering husband) agreed to let me adopt her. Bonnie has spent half her life in a shelter, but I hope one day she only remembers that I've ALWAYS been her mommy. Today we are back in the US and one big happy family. I can't go anywhere without my furry black shadows. I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have a multi-cat household that gets along so well. And yes, I can tell them apart. I'm their mom! Shelter cats are the best! Especially black cats!

Brittani Pohlman
Warner Robins, GA