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BlueFeather Sanctuary

The unicorn that started it all: BlueFeather. We first met Blue at an auction, July 1 2013. Our first wedding anniversary. Blue was in the back of all the pens, head in a corner, defeated, depressed, and skinny. I knew he needed love and patience. When he was finally brought into the arena to be sold, he was bareback with a little girl on him and 1 adult on each side. He just stood there, head down. The man to his right pulled his front hoof up, we thought to show how well he pick up his feet; no we were wrong. The girl on the left started hitting him with a rope repeatedly, harder and harder. Blue quietly and carefully laid down for his rider to dismount and remount, showing how "easy to get off and on" he was.. Our hearts sank as bidding started at $200 then went down to $50. I raised my number and bid. The bids started raising higher and higher. I stopped when he reached over meat prices, hoping he had been bought by a kind person, sad that he wouldn't be coming home but knew other horses were still due to go through. We lost every bid to them as well. As the auction ended we prepared to leave, then my husband handed me a handful of cash and said "Go pay for your pony hunny." HOLY MOLY!!!! This man is the absolute most wonderful man on the planet. ♥ You will always be our "Warden Blue" he must "approve" of newbies and he keeps everyone behaving, always making sure the older guys eat first and no one misbehaves. He has come to my aid numerous times. We LOVE you Blue, floppy ear and all!!! We now rescue horses and provide lifelong care to them. ♥

Rebecca Flowers