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We already had Frankie, our yorkie, when we decided to adopt Gunner (a brindle), a very thin run away one-year-old boxer boy. We immediately fell in love with Gunner and his fighting spirit to overcome hunger and a weak immune system that left him ill. You can never have a bad day around Gunner. As soon as you walk in the door, he is ready to jump in your lap and give lots of kisses (no one told him he grew to over 70 lbs). At first thought you would think a boxer wrestling a yorkie would be bad news for the little guy, but Gunner allows Frankie to win each time, rolling over on his back and "giving up". They keep us so much company. We love Gunner so much we decided to foster Lisa (also a brindle). She is an older girl who has had a less-than-perfect life: found barely alive in a backyard, she stole our hearts and has become part of our family. Despite her inability to hold her bladder, she is happy to wear a diaper and enjoys the best things in life now, like a good night of t.v. on the couch!! And there is Mya (a fawn); we took her into our home when her owner deployed to Iraq. She is a super sweet heart who just makes the whole gang complete!!! Adopt your next best friend, you will have a friend who is forever grateful...

Mt. Washington, KY