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Boyfriend vs Cat

I was notified that a cat was trying to get into peoples homes in the RV camp where I live. Park policy is trap and take to the ASPCA. I went to check out the cat and found a skinny, very hungry Ocicat! I kept him in a dog cage outside while I looked for his owner by posters and word of mouth. Day 5, it's pouring buckets and even though I covered the cage, he's getting wet. I wrapped him in a towel and put him in my bathtub to dry him off. He starts purring and let me give him belly rubs! I'm in love! My other cat is not! My friend and I set out to a local vet to see if he is chipped. Yes, he is and the owner is local. I'm feeling sad because I love this sweet boy but I know that the owner must be frantic with worry. I give them my phone number and go home to await her call. Three days later, no call back and no answers to messages from vet or Petfinders. (FYI-Petfinder will ask for your number for contact but will not release owners info.) Petfinders finally give me the number of the place she got the cat from. They agree to contact her and let me know what's going on. Finally! She takes the call! It turns out that she dumped the cat 2 months earlier because her new boyfriend DOESN'T LIKE CATS! What!? I am trying to get the information changed on his chip but I can't without her permission. They do have a statement from me saying that she will NEVER get him back! I would have thrown the boyfriend out. Not the cat! She is not a person that deserves to own an animal. EVER! "Ripley" is filling out now after not being fed for a while. He is presently sitting on the back of a chair, in a sunspot, and purring! He IS home now! My pets are family! Ripley has joined our family as a furever pet! He and my other cat are becoming friends. As far as I am concerned, he can have all the love and belly rubs he wants! He deserves them!

Anne Barnes