Bubba- A Cockatoo Success Story

In 2004, I was a volunteer at a local Bird Rescue. On this day, I noticed a NEW cockatoo. This cockatoo was the LARGEST umbrella I had ever seen, and pure snow white. He was sitting in his cage, chewing on a piece of paper. As I am fearless of all cockatoos, I opened the door and took him out. While cleaning, another volunteer asked me which bird I had out. I didn’t know, as the piece of paper he was eating had his name on it. It was at this point that I noticed the abject horror on her face! She screamed aloud: “You have Bubba out! Get him away from me!” Bubba was sitting gently on my arm, with no intention of going anywhere. He gave me that innocent cockatoo look, saying with his eyes, “Who me?”

I learned that this sweet, innocent, and loving creature was actually the devil in disguise! He had previously broken out of his cage, and terrorized the other birds in the rescue. Partially due to everyone’s reaction, and partially due to my heart, I asked if I could adopt Bubba.

Bubba was a destructive, aggressive and adorable twenty-something umbrella cockatoo. Not anymore! His aggressiveness has melted away, and he has become as sweet as sugar.

Needless to say, Bubba has owned me for over five years now. When I come home from work, he gives me the eye, saying, “Please mommy, let me out!” I cannot ignore that silent plea to release him from his cage. Is this what I signed up for when adopted him? YES! I cannot imagine life without Bubba. I hope that when the time comes, and we pass to the next plane of existence, we will be in a world where we communicate in the same language.

Kathryn Green
Island Lake, IL