Buffy was a mastiff mix. He was super sweet! People were afraid of him because of his size but he was te biggest sweetest baby! He belonged to a neighbor Mr Cobb. Mr Cobb fought in the Korean war and wads a loving dog owner. He could no longer walk him and I would just go walk him. When Mr Cobb died his in home nurse called me and said come and get Buffy because his sister wants to out him to sleep. The reason for that is he left Buffy 25.000 and he let her one million. But it was not enough she needed Buffy's 25.000 unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him on the computer. I have a few in storage. So my building no longer accepts dogs and it is hard to hide a mastiff. When his nurse called me and my hubby went to rescue Buffy. They told me he was in distress without his daddy and was howling and barking nonstop. ut when he came to stay with us I think it as for 2 weeks the maintenance man agreed not to tell anyway Buffy was finally at peace and just slept a lot. We sent him for a bath and he got a ribbon for being a good boy. I frantically searched for a home for him and prayed and I found the best home for him! A doggy day care that handles adoptions agreed to take him in and get him adopted! Biscuits and bath has a pool and is such a cute place and he had a lot of friends to play with and had a good life. They go for walks in Central Park and he had a private bedroom, he had spa days and teeth brushing, massages, oral hygiene chews soothing bedtime music, they gave him all of his vaccines and and vet care. This place is wonderful. The vet care is fabulous. Their basic training vital for all city dogs. The play floor is spacious, and their groomers are talented.Its not a shelter it is a doggy day care and spa. Buffy went to the rainbow bridge from there. He was 11 years old and they found out he had cancer. But I am so happy I was able to give him such a good life instead of being put to sleep!