Buttons Rescue Dog

We found this beautiful shy and scared little 5 month old Portugal Pedro Pedingo online listed on Pet Finder from Yerington Animal Rescue for adoption this was back in April of 2013. The story we were told was that her and her sister Vanilla were in a California Shelter and Buttons was set to be euthanized and Yerington Rescue saved her and her sister's life and transported them to Yerington, Nevada. Well I just fell in love with her right away and we set into action to fill the adoption papers out and pay the 250.00 to have her as part of our family. We took her home and we notice she was scared and unsure so we set-up a secure area for her and let her take her time to come out of the shyness and feel secure with us. It took her 2 months to come out of the shyness and now she hates her secure area now she wants to be a part of the family and she has come so far out of her shell but we let it be on her time and her terms. Now she is playing with our 2 year old Siberian Husky Sky who we rescued from the shelter who was malnourished and abused and now she is a beautiful dog and weight gained and just as loving as she can be and both are the best of friends. We couldn't have been more blessed to adopt these two family members and are planning to adopt more and hoping to foster other's.
Wanda Warner
Reno, NV