Callisto and Magellan

My husband and I adopted Magellan (right) through Petfinder shortly after we were married six years ago. My husband had never had a pet and seemed intimidated, so I chose the shelter's smallest kitten, who had been found in a trash can. When we brought him home, he earned his name after exploring the dishwasher and falling asleep in the top rack. Four years later, I found a tiny, dirty calico kitten crying in the bushes outside our apartment. I brought her inside where she nuzzled Magellan for milk, but seemed overjoyed to find his cat food instead; she ate desperately, shaking. Then she nuzzled with me for a while and went to sleep in a potted plant. We put up found-cat signs but no one claimed her, so we named her after the moon of Jupiter, because when I was little I thought it sounded like calico. Magellan was afraid of tiny Callisto at first. And although she grew up to be half his size, he is still a little afraid of her. She loves to chase him and starts fights which she always loses. But she grooms him, too, and once in a while they even sit together, like this.
Webster, TX