Cat with lots of heart.

i was volunteering at a animal shelter in Dallas, Texas four years ago when someone dropped off a cardboard box full of feral cats who all had a 'clipped ear', which means they were TNR (trapped-neutered-released). One of the cats as sweet tempered and affectionate to all the other cats and to the volunteers, BUT she hated to be picked up and rarely left her cage when the door was opened. So she sat for 6 months with no takers. I couldn't stand that this VERY cute 'snowshoe' cat (part Siamese and part white cat) couldn't find a good home, so I adopted her. After getting her home and setting her free to roam, I noticed a real oddity: she had a 4 inch by 4 inch brown heart image on her white chest. So she was named 'Kitty Heart'. Now she lets me pick her up and she licks my hands and arms (like a puppy). Just shows you never know what good things will happen to you when you volunteer to help homeless animals.
Daryl N. Davis
Dallas, TX