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Cats in the attic

I heard some noises in my attic and I initially thought it might be squirrels. I saw momma cat going up into my attic from the top of my fence through a soffit vent that I didn't know was open. After hiring a company to come to my house to set traps, it turns out there were two baby kittens that were likely born in the attic. They were in my attic for two and half weeks until they were trapped and brought down. It took eight days before the second one to come down would let me touch him. I kept them in the garage for months since I had no intention of keeping them; I had an 18-year-old senior cat already. I finally started to slowly let them in the house, and I ultimately named them and decided to keep them. Seven and a half years later I still have them and they're fantastic pets. They bring a lot of joy.