Cejas and the Great Escape

"Cejas" was saved from the mean streets of Tijuana by a U.S. missionary who was in Mexico with food and blankets for the poor people, and the street dogs. It's a horrible reality, but sometimes those dogs are used for target practice. The missionary convinced the border guard that the little dog belonged to her, and he permitted their entry to the U.S. "Cejas" (Spanish for eyebrows and pronounced "SayHaas) was taken to a vet and neutered, bathed, had many bad teeth pulled, and got micro-chipped. Three months later when he was all spiffed up and house trained, and our home was duly inspected by miracledogrescue.com, he was given to us. Cejas is now taken on long daily walks in the woods of California, sleeps on a soft doggie bed inside, and is given the best of everything.
maggie van ostrand
los angeles, CA