In 2008 when the economy crashed, we lost two thirds of our income and I needed to reenter the workforce after years of being at stay at home mom and wife. It was a very depressing and lonely time because my husband was working long hours trying to make ends meet, my daughter decided to move out and took her up with her, and even with a master’s degree I wasn’t finding a job. Finally, my husband suggested I look for a free dog. Well, I decided on looking at the “New Hope” dogs at the local shelter. These were dogs close to being euthanized so their adoption fees were reduced. Of the 3 there, Chewie attracted me because of his coloring. I went and met all three, and chose Chewie because he was laid back, house and crate trained. While doing paper work he looked even better because the lady helping me wanted to alert the volunteers through email that Chewie had a forever home. Chewie has not met anyone who hasn’t liked him, and he more than dispelled my loneliness and depression. He makes me laugh every day, and is my cuddle buddy at night. I don’t know how I would have made those days without him.
Linda Flunker
Gainesville, FL