Chicago Street Dog

Munch, my newly adopted dog, was about one year old when a man found him wandering East side Chicago.
He took the young dog home, as the story goes, in hopes Munch, with no name at the time, would be a companion to his dog at home.
He set the skinny and scared Munch down in his back yard where his dog lived in.
Munch and the man's dog began to fight.
He luckily broke up the fight.
Munch had lacerations from the incident on his head and neck.
The man than dropped the ever-frightened animal off at CCAC, a high kill animal shelter.
He was on the C floor which is reserved for sick dogs.
He was not sick two rescue organizations attested.
He was there because he was deemed unadoptable.
The two rescues thought differently.
He was posted on the internet as a dog that liked people.
I called that organization.
I told them that I am a dog trainer and have the skills to train Munch.
This all happened in 2017.
When I took him to the vet for a wellness check, shots, and a appointment for neutering, I was told by the vet that he had a bad K-9 tooth that would have to be pulled.
The bad tooth hurt Munch.
This is why he was not responding to treats the staff at CCAC gave him.
How Munch turned out: he has one K-9 friend, Abbey, who is now 10 years old.
He likes most people
And, he is highly trainable for AKC obedience.
He is a good tracker.
He loves the sport
He loves walks and car rides.
He is loyal and faithful to us.
And he watches over us.
If anyone comes to the door he lets us know loud and clear.
He listens when I tell him thanks. Enough.
He than leaves the doorway.
Munch is an American Staffordshire mixed with Rottwieller and twelve-and-a-half percent German Shepherd dog.
He looks like a American Staffordshire.
I had a DNA test done when I brought him home.
He is dear to us.

Jo Collins