I have been rescuing animals since I was six years old. I have rescued well over fifty animals of all kinds. My permanent ones that I have adopted amount to nine cats, two huge dogs, a rabbit, and fish. I love all of them dearly and are all special in their own way. I have many stories that I could tell, but one in particular is pretty special. It is a story of a tiny kitten named China.

One afternoon, my mother happened to call me in a panic. A fellow teacher from her school had brought in a tiny two-week-old kitten that had been abandoned in a field. The kitten was cold and hungry. The kind lady took her in, but had no idea how to raise a two week old kitten, so my mother called me for help. I rushed over with a can of kitten milk and a bottle and we tried feeding her. She didn't want anything to do with the bottle. I had to resort to getting some milk in her before she became anemic by way of a syringe. She eventually learned to like bottles and even hold them herself!

Fast forward to many nights of waking up and feeding the "baby", who seemed so delicate and helpless. She was much like a little china doll, and this instantly became her name, China! Watching her grow and learn to walk and even to jump was amazing. China is now a strong and healthy kitten and even quite bossy when it comes to the other cats in the house. I love her dearly and she will be a beloved member of my family forever!

Sara A. Baez
City Not Listed, United Kingdom