In 2009, we saw a photo on a rescue site of a white border collie who looked amazingly like the first dog we ever had. We learned that she was deaf, had been in several homes, and was due to be put down soon. We agreed to foster her. We soon found that she had multiple challenges in addition to being deaf. She had a history of aggression toward other animals, near-constant "fly-snapping" behavior, and severe anxiety, which manifested itself in pacing, repetitive pouncing, and yelping. Seven + years later, Chula is a beloved member of our family. Through the help of a gifted behavioral trainer and our vet, Chula has come a long way. She still requires much more care than the average dog, but she is happy and secure. Exercise has been the best therapy for her. She loves to go on hiking trips with us and to run alongside my husband as he rides his bike; he can hardly keep up with her! If you have the time and heart, consider adopting a special-needs dog. There are many languishing in shelters, waiting for a loving home.

Louisville, KY