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Cookie & Pookie besties forever

We adopted Pookie (Tortie Shell) about 5 years ago, and she's always been a very sweet cat. Very vocal, but sweet. Several years later, a friend at school had brought me a pitiful-looking black kitten one day before school let out for the summer. I already had two cats, Pookie and Duchess, and I knew my husband was not wanting anymore pets. But my friend was allergic and couldn’t keep the little kitten. At the time the little kitten had its eyes shut and looked to be a few weeks old. I knew that if I didn’t take it, it would end up in a shelter or worse, mauled by dogs. I brought it home, took it to the vet and nursed it back to health. I had named it Champ because of its resilience and desire to get better. The vet informed me that Champ was a female. We scheduled her surgery to be spayed. Duchess, the princess that she was, never liked any of the cats - she just stayed away from them. But Pookie took Champ - now Cookie - under her wing, and they both became buddies. Several years later, I had to put Duchess down. She was now 15 years old and she had been with us all these years. I knew that I had to put her to sleep. She was suffering and I knew that I couldn’t ask any more of her. So with a heavy heart I said good bye to my sweet girl that day. It was a few days before Thanksgiving. I then thanked the Lord for all those years that this little cat had brought so much joy into our hearts. He then reminded me that I had to be strong because I had Pookie and Cookie. Cookie and Pookie bonded with each other - they wrestled with each other, groomed and chase each other around. They’re the best of friends.

Marta Hawk