Cosmic Kronos the CowDog Mix

Born on the side of a road and turned into Pinal Animal Shelter. Abandoned and unwanted.
This was the beginning of life for a litter of mixed Blue Heeler pups and their mom. The dogs were pulled from the shelter by Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue and taken into a foster home. I went to photograph the eight-week old litter and to pick up a certain pup to foster to see if he would be a good fit and addition. However, I was asked to take a second pup to foster temporarily and was given a little houndy-eared, frosty speckled pup with different colored eyes-one icey blue and the other a muted silvery gold.
My brother named him Chronos for the God of Time, although I spell it with a “K." Kronos decided that I was his person and set out to convince me. He would wriggle between his brother to be nearer on the bed and happily race after me and the ball while his brother sat on the sidelines and stared at us. He would always have to be touching me when he fell asleep-he'd reach across from the passenger seat and push his nose into my leg as he drifted off.
The clincher was him putting his paws on my chest when I was crying and his forehead on mine as if to say everything would be ok before curling up in my lap and going to sleep. I officially adopted Kronos soon after.
I had my suspicions of him having hearing problems, though it wasn't until a few months later that I officially had him BAER tested and was informed he was unilaterally deaf (half deaf). However, that has not slowed him down too much-Kronos loves vaulting into water, racing around the yard, learning tricks, and going for walks. His adventures with his sisters can be seen on Tiffany's Diamond Dogs. Kronos is a total goofball with his wide array of mighty noises for a roughly 30 lb dog. He is brimming with personality and vigor and he loves to get a laugh and make me smile.

Tiffany Hughes
Sierra Vista, AZ