When I was just a tiny baby and looked to be approx. 5 weeks old I was sitting in the middle of a busy road for unknown reasons. Unsure of what to do I just stayed there not knowing the dangerous situation I was in. Suddenly a black car came over the hill, I didn't bother to move so the car swerved to miss me. I seen her pull over across from me, just as a huge SUV came over the hill next, the lady in the black car was frantically honking and waving at the SUV driver. Luckily that lady missed me too. I then ran to the other side of the road and sat on the white line. More cars came on the opposite side and the lady in the black car never left, watching me. As soon as the road was clear she ran across to get me, I didn't run or fight with her. I was not injured, just terrified. She ran back across holding me tight and sat down in her car. She checked me to see if I was alright and I sat in her lap, shocked at all the excitement that just happened. As it turns out the lady in the black car was on her way to a very important interview. A job she ended up getting and changing her life. Just a few years before she found me her cat of 7 years was ran over in the street. To her, finding me was fate. The first day or 2 she took me home I slept a lot, I did not want to eat or play. Soon, I was running around chasing the dogs, and purring like a Cricket. Hence, the name. My new mom felt that keeping me was better than trying to figure out where I belonged, obviously someone was not looking after me there. I enjoy scratch post, chasing bugs, nap at day and romp around at night. I have a basket filled with toys and a cat tunnel. I'm pretty sure this life was made for me.

Ericka Justice
Alamance, NC