Dumped puppy

I was driving through Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona when a white truck in front of me (approximately 1/4 of a mile in front of me) pulled over and dumped a puppy out. This puppy chased the truck right down the center of the road as fast as he could run.

As I was following, this puppy just stopped and dropped his head down in defeat. I stopped my car and grabbed him and put him in my car. I had been thinking about adopting a dog and actually said “ the Universe will send me the right dog.”

Well the Universe literally dropped him in front of me. I did not want a puppy and I did not want a male dog, but he has turned out to be the best dog ever. I named him Gus.

This happened on 9/3/19 and it was determined that he was approximately 14 weeks old .

Theresa Blyth