Feeding the ferals

Me and my husband live in a area that has many feral cats. A few years ago, there was a Siamese mix that kept coming around. So we fed him and always left water, food and covering to keep him safe. After a few weeks, he brought us his girlfriend. We noticed all the male cats were always following her and the male cat would let himself get beat up to give her time to hide. One night we were sitting watching the sunset when the female cat was running from another cat and jumped into his lap. We noticed she was very pregnant so we wrapped her in a towel and made our 2nd bedroom her home. The next morning, we were greeted by the male cat which we named JJ. He would not leave sight of the window of the bedroom of where we placed his girlfriend. So my husband threw a towel on him and brought him inside to be with her. We have 5 other cats that were not thrilled with our new additions. They were very jealous, especially when we would go in to check on them and close the door. 2 days later, the female, which we named Miss Sue, gave us 2 beautiful twin cats in the same sack. Well now it's been 2 years and we have 4 more cats that are now inside and very domesticated & spoiled kitties.

Penny Correa