Fenway's homecoming

My husband and I adopted Fenway on March 15 of this year; it was such a great day. I never grew up with dogs, we never lived in an area that would be right for a dog; so it was one of those "when I grow up..." kind of things. I guess it's appropriate then to say our search for Fenway began when I was a child.
My husband, Kris, and I were married in June of last year and with that came our first home in January. I began my research in June, looking for local breeders and making sure I knew about the large breeds. I was looking at a newfoundland, and we had decided rather than going through a breeder that we'd like to adopt a rescue. We never really found the right dog though.
So, in February I decided to stop being breed specific and started looking for a large breed puppy rescue. That night I came across the organization called SOS Quebec Ontario Dog Rescue, and they had 3 wee Bernese Mountain Labrador mix girls. I was so excited, I ran and told my husband and he said to fill out the application. By the next day I was in contact with them and we were approved! I cried when I got the email. :)
Long story short, Sunday March 15, 2009 we drove to Brampton to pick our little girl up. It has been an amazing and hair pulling experience so far. She is so smart, and sweet and loving. We gave Fenway her name because my husband is a third generation Boston Red Sox fan; and our cat is already named 'Ortiz' so it's only fitting.

Borden, Canada