Feral Dream House

7 years ago a black female cat showed up on my deck with her kitten. I was able to trap the kitten but the momma, Moochie would not fall for the standard trap. 3 litters later, after reaching out to several rescues for help I finally found someone who built his own drop trap. With his help we finally caught Moochie and the last of her kittens. The kittens were adopted but Moochie remains outdoors as she had no desire to be an indoor cat and she now has a feral friend, Jasper who I also trapped and had neutered that she cannot live without. Every winter I try to improve her housing because I feel so bad that she is out there.

When the time came for another upgrade a good friend of mine, Larry, said he had some scrap wood in his garage he was going to get rid of and offered to build Moochie and Jasper a new house out of the old wood. After discussing the “Dream House” I wanted for them he went into action. He built the house in his driveway so all his neighbors saw it and asked what he was building. Some of them donated scraps they had including the insulation and tar paper. Larry found an acrylic display case in a garbage dumpster that became the windows in the new house and my sister bought another heating pad so the whole 36” x 36” floor is now heated. It get below zero at night here so she needs all the heat she can get.

Larry did pay out of pocket for the doors (there’s one on the upper lever on the side for an escape if needed) and some more wood as he deemed some of the scrap wood he had as “unacceptable” but in the end Moochie and Jasper have no idea how much time, effort or how many people came together to build their Dream House but they LOVE it. And thanks to all those people I sleep better knowing they are safe, warm and happy.

Schuamburg, IL