Ferret Maths

One late, snowy night in winter, the outside light at home came on indicating 'life' in the back garden; looking out we saw a little creature walking across the lawn. The next morning he was asleep in an armchair in our disused barn - 'he' being a ferret (initially thought he was a pine marten!) who we kept after failing to find his owner and called him Sid.

Everything we read about ferrets indicated they are very sociable so we got Louie from a small rescue where I then volunteered every weekend for a number of years, until it had to close suddenly leaving 26 ferrets needing a home very quickly - I took Dylan, Charlie, Baby, Fay, Kimmy, Pablo, Lula and Henry.

Five years later, I own & run, with the help of two animal care assistants & many wonderful volunteers, Prospect Ferret Rescue, a registered charity dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of abused, unwanted or abandoned ferrets.

The Rescue provides a temporary sanctuary for up to 90 ferrets at any one time whilst finding those suitable for adoption loving, responsible, forever homes (we have successfully re-homed 369 ferrets in 3 years of operation) as well as providing a permanent home for those who cannot be adopted due to ill-health, age or temperament.

I love without reserve each one of these playful, affectionate, little furbabies who all have their own personalities and currently have, in addition to the Rescue, a 'business' of 11 ferrets of my own. They are easy pets to keep, sleeping up to 18/20 hours a day but also needing a couple of hours of 'playtime' during which their antics will keep you royally entertained. Once neutered they smell no more than a cat or dog and are not 'bitey' if, like most animals, they're handled and taken care of lovingly.

If you get a ferret (or it gets you) you quickly realize it needs a friend so you get one more; then you need a bigger cage/hutch which means you can get another one (or even two) and that's what we call FERRET MATHS!

Sara Lamming
Huddersfield, United Kingdom