For the Love of Fatso

Fatso, the cockatiel, somehow squeezed through the patio window of my high rise condo in downtown Honolulu in an attempt to eat some seed I had left out for a wild cardinal. We were devastated! A day later and many miles away Fatso landed on a gentleman's shoulder who was eating lunch in a park. Soon the two were eating together. Then, the man took Fatso home. Shortly thereafter, the man responded to an ad I had posted in the newspaper - one of my many desperate attempts to locate our dear missing Fatso. We immediately arranged a meeting to determine if the bird was really "our" Fatso. It certainly was! After giving the kind man visitation rights, we then happily and gratefully took Fatso home where he lived happily ever after! Just another example of every day miracles and the angels who live among us!

Jan Liftee