For the Love of Our Pets

I had no idea I would become part of the rescue community. Didn’t look like there was a problem here. Then a cat showed up on my deck, and quickly ran off when I tried to bring it food. It was then I learned about feral cats. Cats born outside with no human contact. Cats have been socialized to humans for thousands of years, could I help this cat? Yes, I could, and I did. Then many after her. My Heart Goes Out to these animals I know it is only Our fault for their situation, and to the people who make a huge effort in taking on the task of rescuing them. Please help, spay and neuter your pets, donate your time, money, or supplies to your local rescues and shelters. Every little thing helps! If we FIGHT THIS TOGETHER we can stop the sad life these companion animals that by no fault of their own have no loving home. See my kitties video on youtube,Taming a Feral Cat Scaredy Cats Story.
Mrs. O
Lake Country, WI