Found my perfect chow chow.

After losing my bonded pair of chow girls, a year to the month apart, at ages 14 1/2 and 15, I said, "That's it. I'm not going through this again." It is so heartbreaking to lose them. But, life is missing something precious without pets. And I have become very partial to chows, having been blessed with three of them. One day, several months ago, I just knew I needed rescue by a chow companion to take me on regular walks and fill my heart again. I have an adopted kitty and therefore needed to find just the right chow family member. I began searching chow chow rescue sites online & first found one available 20 min. away. But....not good w/cats. Several others drew my attention, but on inquiry learned, again, not good with cats. Met a woman online who devotes herself to working with chow chow rescues related to animal shelters who put me on her mailing list for available possibilities. I fell in love over and over again with the faces of these fur babies needing homes, but concern over compatibility with cats made me not a candidate for their adoption. I also was not considering traveling great distances, though I did do an hour trip to meet a gorgeous chow boy who had not been tested with cats until that day. To no avail. I finally considered giving up as this was becoming emotionally exhausting. (I don't know how these angels who devote their time to the vast numbers of this breed, including mixes, let alone those who persevere on behalf of other specific breeds, manage not to burn out on searching for forever homes & not always finding them.) But that evening, an email with video of a chow girl, first in a pen with other dogs, and second in a pen with cats, showed up. To claim her required an all-day round trip from my location, and I didn't even blink at the distance. The angel at the local Humane Society had named her Chia, having been brought in as a 'stray', all dirty & looking like a Chia Pet. She, Desiree, had patiently brought out her trust and sweetness that go well with her fluffiness and beauty. I immediately told my chow chow volunteer worker that both the doggie & the name were keepers, & committed to arrangements for claiming my new 'perfect' chow chow pet. She respects my cat, likes hanging out on my balcony w/o barking at dogs and activity passing by, makes friends w/other dogs on walks, & is a delightful companion who keeps me moving no matter what. I had fallen into a degree of depression, & have had my heart rescued by a fur baby named Chia.

Suzanne Sparks