From Chaos to Chaos

There is never a dull moment in our house. Some call it chaos--we call it family! Our family included a terrier mix with unknown history that left him with PTSD and aggression when scared or confused, a senior Chow-Shepherd mix going to the vet for laser hip treatment twice a week, and three adults with different jobs and schedules, including running a vintage radio repair shop. On the way home one night, I saw movement in the left lane of a busy street that I thought was a blowing piece of paper, but it was moving like an animal. When we got closer we saw it was a teeny tiny kitten. Without discussion, my partner got out of the car and scooped her up. By the time we got home ten minutes later, she had a name and a vet appointment. Radiola was a mere ten ounces and six weeks old when she left the chaos of the streets to live in the chaos of our family!

Diane Earhart