From Maui to Texas--my best girl

After a terrible loss in 2007 when a very special cat died of cancer way too young, I really was not coping well. Neither was my remaining kitty, Lucy; she was so lonely that she howled all night long.

So, pretty soon I contacted a wonderful rescue group on Maui, 9th Life, and met a wee purr-machine, Maxie. Well, she was called Minnie back then, because she was tiny; born at the shelter, she was very sweet, but petite and shy. Changing her name and giving her a big sister cat took care of everything. And, Lucy never howled again.

Maxie blossomed in every way. A classic black and grey tabby, her emerald eyes command attention and eloquently express her moods. Big life changes including moving from Maui to Texas didn’t bother her one bit. She has always reveled in being groomed, taking the attention as her due; I brush the other cats first, so I can save the best for last and enjoy a cat who adores the process.

Always talkative, Maxie’s varied vocalizations are LOUD; she is definitely the opera singer in the house. Her one health challenge is bad teeth, and due to that awful resorptive disease, she regularly needs to have teeth removed. Maxie, despite her senior cat status now, is queen of the toys, playing harder than the youngsters; plus, no one enjoys a catnip daze more than Maxie!

Now, Maxie is healthy and happy at 14 years old, big sister to 2 other girl cats. She runs our household with an iron paw. When not claiming the BEST sunbeam or loudly reminding me it is treat time, she may well be chasing her tail like a kitten.

Previously very independent, in the last couple years Maxie has found her soft side, snuggling with her sisters and demanding cuddle sessions with me a couple times a day. When being carried or held, she wraps her front legs around my neck, giving the BEST hugs and purring like a motorboat as she updates me on her day.

As I tell Maxie frequently, she and I have history; she remembers our time on Maui, all those we lost over the years, and the many changes—good and bad—in our life together. She’s my best girl.

Nina Davis