From Parking Lot to Paradise

Twelve years ago, I was a new mom with two young sons. You'd think that would be enough wildness but I was desperately lonely for feline company. I begged my hubby to bring home a kitten being fostered by one of my coworkers. He agreed. The next morning, I asked my coworker about the kitten. Unfortunately, the kitten had already been adopted. She then told me the veterinary practice she volunteered at had a male cat that had been found in a parking lot. He was due to go to a traditional shelter by the end of the week. Would I be willing to take him? I talked it over with my husband, and decided to rescue him sight unseen. I arrived to pick up "Sylvester." I waited anxiously behind the desk as they went to get him. I had no idea what to expect but what I wasn't expecting... a cat so big he didn't fit in a traditional cat carrier! I didn't care, I took him anyway. Home we went and immediately he darted upstairs and hid under the bed. Then, while I was playing with my son, I looked up to see him looking down at me from the second floor balcony. To my shock, he jumped from the balcony to the floor and promptly curled his enormous self onto my lap. Sylvester, now Cruiser has been my friend for a dozen years now. He's loving, expressive and intelligent.... All 20lbs of him!

Jennifer Roundhouse
Pewaukee, WI