From pitiful to a major piece of our hearts.

My wife and I have rescued Huskies for companions, for 35 years. Our packs have been as small as two, and as large as four. About 15 years ago, I went to rescue another "red" Husky, to help rebuild our pack that had become us a lone male/Budley. I drove 2 1/2 hours in a blizzard to the Gladwin Mi. shelter to pick up our new girl. After picking her up and getting her to the vet, she was 15lbs under-weight, had intestinal parasites, kennel cough, and when they x-rayed her before spaying....they found she was full of birdshot, from head to tail. "Sonya" has turned out to be the healthiest Husky we've had, and is slowly losing her sight and hearing. As usual, she's taking it in stride. No doubt, she the happiest and most energetic dog we've ever had....and get this. She's currently 19 years old! Our Huskies have long lives, but she's a wonder-dog. This is a 4 week-old pic. We LOVE our Huskies.

Michael Ricketts