Gato y Duende...

Hello, my name is Gato (grey and white) and I'm having a nap with my friend Duende. We were adopted from a very nice lady named Beverly from Knoxville, TN, and we moved to Duluth, GA. with our friend Edgar. I spent the last 6 years with him until 10 days ago, when I decided it was time to become an angel and say goodbye to my beloved family. I know Edgar will feel sad and Duende will miss our naps together, but every time they think of me, I want them to know that I'm there with them and that life is just a little piece of eternity... because they'll always be in my heart . I know how much Edgar loves me and I know he'll remember me playing and napping and not wanting to take a shower and.... (Gato, this is Edgar, and of course, you'll always be here, with me and Duende... we love you!!!!)