George the Caribbean Yard Dog

I am from NJ but have been living on a small Caribbean island called Nevis for 4 years. I volunteer at the perhaps the world's smallest no kill shelter called CARE Nevis. Before Thanksgiving 2014, my four dogs were barking up a storm inside the house. I looked at front to see a ghost skeleton of this little dog. You could practically see his organs, he was missing many patches of fur due to ringworm and was very anemic. After feeding him beef liver, sardines and rice in small portions 5 times a day, George has come to live and more than doubled his weight. We guessed he was about 4 months old but due to his anorexia, he was actually about a year old. Now he sleeps on a tempurpedic mattress at night and loves to swim. He will be coming home to continue living with us and his brothers in NJ this Spring.

Taylor Allen
Barnaby, Saint Kitts and Nevis