Grizabella--Best Dog Ever and She Chose ME!

My friend took her dog to be tick dipped at the pound. As we walked through the kennel, all the dogs were barking and jumping for attention. All except one. When we stopped to admire her color, she quickly came to the front of the cage wiggling all over with joy. After the tick dip, when we walked back she was waiting calmly for us and immediately came forward for more admiration. On the way out, I asked about her status. "She is being put to sleep tonight," the clerk said. Newly divorced, living with my parents again, and dead broke, I blurted out, "No she isn't. I'm adopting her!" My friend loaned me the money and my parents, while not thrilled, agreed. Grizabella came home that week and was the best dog I've ever had. She had separation anxiety issues at first, but soon adapted to my schedule. When I was working with the horses, she would always lie down nearby to keep an eye on me. I had 14 wonderful years with her before she went over the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss her every day. Sure there are other dogs in my life, but none of them look at me with eyes as full of adoration and love as Bella's eyes. None do the "Bella Bounce" when they see me and none flop down in front of me all goofy and full of energy to play. I think we all have that "one" dog in our lives and, for me, Bella was the one.
Maryeileen Flanagan
Stanfield, AZ