Handsome Levi

Levi is an answer to prayer. We had 2 rescued dogs & lost our male coonhound suddenly to bloat. We were devastated & so was his mate Lucy an American bulldog mix. We prayed & asked the Lord to show us our next family member. He brought handsome Levi! He is a plott hound-greyhound mix, saved by the Rescue Express in media, pa. He was abused and had a subluxated hip & healed vertebrae to prove it. He was fostered for 6 months in a loving family who began to teach him to love. He was 40lbs when we adopted him & became scared easily. When we tried to train him to walk on a leash, his fear would take over him. We prayed, asking God to train us in training Levi. He did! He guided my husband to walk him & Lucy together. He guided me to jog with Levi. I am not a jogger! I walked, & went to the gym and took classes. That’s it. But I trust God, so I tried. I prayed the whole time. And God helped us. Through years of exercise & training, Levi is now a loving, happy, friendly & healthy dog. He put on 10lbs of muscle and became physically & mentally stronger. My husband and I learned to trust God & became healthier & more patient. Thank God for Levi! Sincerely, Mike, Holly, lucy & Levi Blandford.
Holly Blandford
Mohnton, PA