Hannah and Baby Precious

I was looking into getting another cat for my family. I happened to come across a non-profit/non-kill shelter. Here my son picked out Baby Precious, a tri-pod. Her older sister Hannah was also there. They came from an animal hoarder situation. When Hannah arrived she weighed less than 1lb at 8 yrs of age. She was suffering from hyperthyroidism, almost hairless, and in need of recovery and love.
I took Baby Precious home first due to Hannah chasing other cats around. Yet, I could not stop thinking of her. Less than a month later I went back and took her into my home. My son she loves furrever. He is now in the Army, but she still sleeps in his bed. He is the one who she always loves the most. They were and are "two pees in a pod".
I was told, prior to your children leaving home...find something YOU love. I did... I ended up with 8 cats total (some long-term fosters due to daily IV's, meds, etc.) Plus I volunteer weekly at the animal castle where they came from.
Hannah is now 11 yrs old and 7 lbs; Baby P. is 8. They are the "younger bunch" but full of love, compassion, and empathy. It has been a long road for all of the cats in my home... But here is their furrever palace... filled with love, joy, playing, and anything they or I can think. They make my home complete...and my heart.

Erika Wilson