Heart Mender

In 2006 we adopted 2 tabby kittens who were 4 months old. They became our boys and brought us so much love. In early 2017, one of the boys was diagnosed with CHF. Periodically he had to have fluid drained from his chest to make his breathing easier. In July he became too sick and had to be euthanized. Our heart broke but we still had our other boy. In October, our other boy started acting sick. We learned very quickly that he had liver cancer. We were devastated. In early November of 2017, we were forced to have him euthanized. I missed my fur babies, their purring and love. I started looking at pictures of kitties on Petfinder. I was drawn to the little black ones. I found one at a rescue 25 miles from my home. After convincing my husband to get another kitten, we were blessed to adopt this beautiful little girl in December of 2017. She has been the best little girl we could ever ask for. She will never take our boys place but she has made a place of her own in our hearts. She has been the greatest heart mender in the world.

Pat Norman