His Parting Gift

My ex-boyfriend's dog, Buddy, who was my first dog's best friend of 13 years, came calling for him on Valentine's Day (two weeks after he had passed away on 2/3/2015). My first boy, Happy, left me to be with him two weeks thereafter, 3/2/2015; he was three days shy of his 14th birthday. Happy had left such an emptiness that I wanted to fill, so I looked on Petfinder to rescue a similar breed. My mourning wasn't over, I just knew that I wanted to find a dog who was like Happy and Buddy. One day I saw his face online and called the shelter to ask about him. I ordered a crate and paid for a plane ticket. I never met him until I had picked him up at the airport cargo area. He wasn't a purebred like Happy, but he was close. When I brought my rescue boy home, he ran straight upstairs and started rubbing and rolling on the futon couch like Happy did. The very next day I went through the paperwork that had came with him in the crate. I was in disbelief that my rescue boy was surrendered on the very day that my Happy had passed away; 3/2/2015. My Happy had left a parting gift for me... He didn't want me to be lonely.