I am Peanuts Person

Peanut found me when he was about 6 mths old or so. I work in an Industrial park garage and we leave the doors open every day when it is nice out. This little kitty started coming around so we started feeding him and earning his trust. I am allergic so I would use a stick to rub his back. That was 2 years ago. I then learned from my friend Laurene Smith, who is a part of the local SPCA, that the Industrial Park was participating in a spay/neuter program due to the possible overrun of stray cats in the park. Laurie was taking donations and setting have a heart traps to capture as many of the kitties as we could, then take them to be spayed or neutered through the local participating center "Guilderhaven". The tame ones were put up for adoption and the others were re-released in the parks to keep the rodent population down. I fell in love with my baby boy, and my coworker and I helped capture some of the kitties to be spayed or neuter. My boy, who I call peanut or baby, comes everyday and sleeps under my desk at work. He gets to sleep in the shop on those cold winter nights and is very loved and happy. We have made cozy shelters out of dog airline crates with beds and sheepskin rugs, for the other kitties who are not so tame so they too can stay warm on those cold winter nights.We now regularly care for about 7 kitties that I know of. I regularly purchase bulk bags of food for them and Laurie gets a great deal on 50lb bags of high quality breeder food, which she gets for me when she can. I love being my Peanuts' Person.
Mary Abbott
Guilderland Center, NY