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I call her Naughty Nanny

Many years ago I had my first Bengal cat. He was so bonded to me that if I left him alone he'd pull out his hair. I took him to the vet, and the vet said it was stress and suggested I get him a kitten. This is where Nanny comes in. I saw a litter of Siamese-mix kittens that were going to be put down if no one took them. I'm in New Hampshire but contacted the rescue that had the kitten that was in Georgia. I chose Nanny, had her shipped up from Georgia, and she became the Bengal's best friend. I used to joke that he left me for another woman. Years passed and I lost the Bengal to cancer. Nanny was devastated. So later that year my daughter bought me another Bengal kitten. Nanny was happy again. Three years later, I got another little Bengal girl. Now the three cats and my German shepherd are one big happy family. By the way, I still call her Naughty Nanny because her love of shredding toilet paper has not stopped.

Linda D