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I Pick You

Six years ago my mother expressed she wanted a cat for her birthday. The Sunday before mom's birthday, my friend and I went out for lunch. Since there was a long wait for a table, we decided we would take a look in the nearby pet store which usually featured rescued cats. As we were going in we noticed a woman putting some crates with cats and kittens in her car. Not giving it a second thought we went on inside. Like a moth to a flame we were drawn to the lovely glass enclosed area where several kittens were playing. Immediately the one owl-like kitten came up to the glass and looked directly at me as if to say "I pick you!" It was love at first sight! Every time we came back to the area the kitten would come right up toward me. We inquired about the kitten, only to find that the lady who had just left was the person to talk to about adopting this insistent little bundle of joy. Within four days he was our kitty! Even though he was supposed to be mom's gift, the kitten named Sabastian bonded to me quickly after I nursed him back to health! To this day he comes running to me or calls out for me with many purrs and rubs, saying "I picked you!"

Sandy McGrady