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I Saved Him and He Saved Me Right Back!

Feeling low and lonely after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, I kept debating about rescuing a dog. I kept going back and forth as I wasn't sure I would have the time or energy I would need to care for a dog. My kids, boss and friends kept pushing me to do it. After several attempts at putting in applications but not really following up on them, I finally applied for a puppy who had been rescued from Texas and was being fostered as he had heart worm and would not be available for 4 months. I was told to put my name on the list as others would get on the list as well. Still thinking I may not go through with it -- I found out I was number one on the list and that I had saved this dog from a kill shelter. There was no turning back. Fast forward, I have my Poncho -- who is an amazing, loving companion. He has brought so much joy and love into my live. At first he was very afraid -- now he is my Velcro Dog! Also, I have been cancer-free for over a year now and have lots of love and energy for my best friend.

Karen A. Kessler