In Loving remembrance of Loki

Loki was the big brother of two orange domestic short hair tabby cats that we adopted on March 5, 2007. He was born on January 8, 2007. Loki is from a litter of five kittens that were rescued in an abandoned building in Philadelphia, PA. Loki was a very athletic kitty and loved to play hard. He was a big brother to Blaze and while he liked to tease and wrestle with his little brother, quite often after devouring fresh catnip from the gardens outside, he was very affectionate and always acted like a big baby looking for love. He was always the first to greet visitors to the house with a welcoming hello. Loki thoroughly enjoyed his meal times and treats of all kinds and sometimes liked to grab an extra morsel from his brother's food bowl. Loki loved jumping in and exploring all kinds of empty boxes, and in particular, one shoe box that he often used as a cat bed. Always ready to grab a nap, Loki knew when it was time for bed and would race into the bedroom, hop on the bed, and settle down next to you as you would fall asleep while petting him gently.

Tom Ryan
Philadelphia, PA