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In the Nick of Time

I saw her photo on a Facebook posting - she was on "death row" at a high kill shelter in Southern California and wouldn't someone rescue her? The shelter had classified her as a Chihuahua...a death warrant at the majority of California shelters. I knew instantly that she was at least part Jack Russell and that she was wanted in our home. Problem was, we were 500 miles away in another State. I emailed Jack Russell Rescue CA telling her story and asking their help in saving her, to which there was an auto reply that they would respond within 24 hours...too late, as she was scheduled for euthanasia the next morning. Panic set in...30 minutes later, a message from Jack Russell Rescue hit my inbox saying they had pulled her from the shelter and when did I want to come get her? Fortunately, my nephew was in CA on business and a quick phone call to him (and a rented car) got her on her way home. Tootsie has turned out to be Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound and is absolutely the sweetest, most loving girl who adores her brother and sister (both rescues) and brings light and laughter into our lives every day.

Jessie T