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Inseparable Siblings

One night, my husband called me after I had gotten off of work to tell me, "We have a cat." I was stunned. When I got home, the ittiest bittiest white kitten lay limply - half alive, half dead - in my husband's hands. It was obvious she was malnourished and was not getting milk from her mother. Desperate for the little baby's survival, we tried squirting some baby formula (all we had) from an oral syringe into her mouth (after having to practically pry her jaw open to get the tip of the syringe in there). After slowly squirting it in, she neither moved nor swallowed. Her jaw hung open - she was too weak to close her mouth. It seemed like the little thing had just given up. We didn't expect her to be alive when we woke up the next day. But she was! Her spirits fired up overnight - she decided to fight to live. :) The next day, my husband called me after work again - ANOTHER cat! A little orange kitty was found outside in the same place the white one was found, fading away like she had been. There was no questioning that we would strive to save his life as well... but this would make three indoor cats and two outdoor to feed! We'll have to find the orange one another home when he's ready. One night as we were enjoying the 2 1/2 week old kittens running across our couch playing... an astounding thing happened. The orange kitten curled up next to the white one and affectionately, softly stroked his sister's back with the bottom of his chin, left to right. He adored his sister - and from that moment, my husband and I knew there was no separating these two - ever. Today Alley (the white) and Wampus (the orange), now 3 years old, are perfectly happy together still. When one is absent, the other cries for them. They are truly friends for life... And they are everything to us. <3

Cris & Rebekah Conti
Fort White, FL