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Jasmine's journey

A friend called me up and asked if I wanted a dog.....I said yes!! The reason the people were giving her away was because she bit the husband (the couple had a nine month old baby). They decided to try to find a good home for "Clemantine" (we changed her name to Jasmine when we adopted her). She was found wandering the streets in West Virginia as a sweet 7 month old pup.....until I brought her home and she met my husband. She bit him also! I called the vet to see if there was anything that we could do, not wanting to take her to a shelter. They told me of a "dog whisperer" type person (for lack of anything better to call them). I called her up and two of them came over....kicked me out of the house. They met Jazzy and worked with her and my husband for about 3 hours. She was reformed...but that isn't where her story ends. She had mange and a urinary tract infection. She was a pretty sick little pup! That was 8 years ago and she is the biggest goofball and bad dog we have ever owned, and we wouldn't trade her for anything! She is very independent and set in her ways, but without a doubt she loves us and we love her!

peggy majos