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Jasper was surrendered to a rescue group by his owners who said they were going to have a baby. He was 8 years-old and had been with his family since he was a puppy. I agreed to foster him and found a scared little schnauzer with such bad skin allergies that he had been shaved--no fur. He was sensitive and nippy if his feet or ears were touched or there was an unexpected movement toward him. In fact, early in our relationship, I startled him and ended up with several stitches in my hand. He was very apologetic afterwards. He was blind in one eye due to a cataract and just didn't look like he had been cared for well. He shook and cried when taken anywhere in a car. His preferred places were hiding under something--such as a blanket, throw, or rug. The rescue did not have money to address his skin issues, so I took him to my vet. He quickly became my dog, instead of a foster. In the 5 years I have had him, he has had several medical issues, and is now blind in both eyes. But he has fur again and thanks to Apoquel, his allergies are manageable. He knows he is home and finds his favorite places, even though he has no vision. He has two dog siblings and cat siblings as well, but he tends to do his own thing and ignores them most of the time. He has food, treats, a lot of petting, and a comfortable home. I tell him every day that I love him and he is mine for always. We are his forever family now!