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Jazz, the shelter cat!

I volunteer in a shelter here in AZ. I did not want a cat, but there was a cat, 13 years old and nobody was interested in her. So one Sunday after church I said to my husband, "lets go and get Jazz and bring her home." We did and at first we fostered her, but a couple years later we adopted her. She had been adopted by a man with a teenager and I told my husband I had the feeling that this cat would be brought back, and she was. When she first came into our home, she cried a LOT, but we were able to calm her down in time. She insisted on using the dining room for her potty, and after trying to figure out what to do (I did not want to take her back to the shelter), we put a cat toilet in the dining room which she used faithfully. She had a problem with her legs; for some reason her legs wanted to splay when she ate in the kitchen, so we took her to the vet, who said unfortunately her hips were not developed right. We kept her and she lived to be 18 1/2 years old. I was always happy that we gave Jazz a home, she was a wonderful cat. I still miss her.