Just when I started to give up

After our longtime dog died suddenly. We were devastated but decided that we would not get another dog for a while. But, during the first part of COVID19, I began to get bored and lonely. I started looking on Petfinder, local shelters and even signed up with rescueme.org. Every time I found one I liked, it was "pending adoption", too far away or didn't like men, kids or cats, etc. I finally decided to just let it go for a while. Then what do you know...….I got an Urgent email with !!!!RESCUE ME!!!! and when I opened it, it was the cutest 7 lb. chihuahua that was located only 2 hrs. from me. I passed the application and phone test and we were off to get him. He was supposed to be 5 years old with no health problems, but ended up being at least 10 years old with a heart murmur, advanced dental disease, cataracts, and arthritis. After a little vet work he is good and the MOST loveable dog ever. He may not have that many years left (who really knows), but I want to make sure the ones he does have are TERRIFIC!!